Air Displays Shoreham Accident

The public has always been fascinated by planes and so airshows have been part of our culture for over a hundred years. The rules governing flights on these occasions are very strict. As yhe years have passed the rules have become more and more limiting. When it goes wrong the public rightly, want to know […]


Welcome to the New Blog

As a very small business it has a taken a long while for us to recover from the effects of Covid. But interest is picking up and with that in mind I’m  updating parts of the website. First to receive my attention is this Blog which previously was an occasional mention of ‘things’ about commercial […]


Blog 2024

When I started this website over 20 Years ago, social media was almost non existent. It pretty well governs everything we do now, from news outlets, expressing our opinions, forming groups of like minded people and information gathering. However out has also been an opportunity for people of no experience and knowledge to debate with […]


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