An experience of flying that you will actually enjoy.

£14.99 4 CD  Course
Our four CD Audio Course includes all the sound effects of flight and a calming commentary with explanations that will give you confidence and even make you smile. You can experience a take-off and landing. You can find out exactly what you need to know during every moment of a flight. Enjoy hearing the answers to questions you hadn’t dared to ask. Thousands of people have overcome their fear of flying with this comprehensive CD course, because it:
  • Allows you to experience a virtual flight in a relaxed, enjoyable way
  • Is comprehensive yet concise – every explanation covers exactly what you need to know.
  • Lets you hear the sounds of the wheels and flaps, the engines starting and a commentary from the flight deck of a Boeing 737 as it takes off
  • Can easily be ripped to your mobile player, to use while you’re flying
  • It works! – thousands of people have overcome their fear of flying using this course

Price: £14.99

US: $19.99


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