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Many people from around the world (often via my Facebook page) ask me if I can bring my course to their country. Unfortunately I can’t move my aircraft fuselage from where it is. It’s now firmly rooted to the ground …in fact, that’s one of it’s best qualities to a fearful flyer! It’s a great venue because when we get on I can have the sounds of boarding playing in the background to add a bit of reality without anyone being anxious that it might take off.

It’s a very good environment to address a fear of flying because for so many people it shows them that they can control their feelings.
That doesn’t mean that I can’t help you. If you’ve got a Skype connection then we can do everything that we normally do in the plane except actually being on the plane. In the last year I have been able to help a number of people from Africa, Australia, America and the Far East and they’ve all been able to take a flight. At the moment I’m working with four people from around the world, Europe to Australia.
I haven’t advertised this on the website previously because I wasn’t certain that my course would translate into a conversation but so far we’ve had lots of success.
There’s always a bit of fun linking up when I’m talking to someone where they are 12 hours ahead of or behind my local time … but eventually we get used to the time differences and we link up quite easily.
I will enrol you to the Premium on line course as an integral part of the Skype course as a source of reference but apart from that, it’s just between you and me on the internet. Sure it’s not as easy and straightforward as being here with me on my plane but if this is the next best thing … go for it. It has worked for a lot of people.
If you discover that it’s not for you it’s no problem because we’ll start with a couple of short sessions before any money changes hands. I’m here to help you to fly not to get rich.
email me at captainkeith@flyingwithoutfear.com or contact me directly on Skype keithegodfrey and we’ll get going as soon as possible.
October 2019  
I haven’t always been a fearful flyer.
In fact, I barely remember anything about the flights taken before I become afraid.
Flying was just a simple way to get me from point A to point B and nothing more. Going through airports was exciting, flying itself was exciting. Flying at sunrise was a gift.
And then it happened.
A few noises here and there, the stress of going through a rough year and suddenly I found myself carrying a burden I never asked for: fear of flying.
For the past 4 years the idea of my annual vacation abroad brought me more worries than joy. Knowing I had to be in the air for a few hours was unimaginably difficult to come to terms with. I didn’t believe it was ever possible to lessen my flying anxiety. Not only was this fear affecting me mid-air but it got to the point of interfering with my normal routine, making me losing sleep due to worrying so much before a flight.
Over time I started reading some facts about flying, watched some videos but my fear was still there. Nothing seemed to help. One day I found out about some courses that could help with my fear of flying. One of these courses was Captain’s Keith Godfrey program in the UK. Ironically, I was too afraid to fly over there just for the course so when I found out about the possibility of taking a distance course I was more than happy to try it.
I started having Skype calls with Keith one month before a flight and I was surprised to see that my doubts could be easily explained not only by physics and science but also by the knowledge and experience of a “real” pilot. I had never spoke to a pilot before let alone casually discussed my fear with one!
There are no words to describe how much this course has helped me. While getting over the fear of flying is certainly not an overnight success these calls with him have helped me reshape my perspective on flying and brought me a more rational approach. Apart from answering all my questions, Keith also taught me relaxation tools and techniques to use before and during my flight and also enrolled me to the Premium on line course which is a fabulous resource for any fearful flyer. He was the best supporter throughout my journey with him and having had Keith cheering on me after each flight still puts a smile on my face.
This course has changed me. Not in the sense that my fear was completely gone but in the sense that I became more grounded, more informed and more confident.
I flew already 2 times after taking this course and I’m planning more flights for the next year. My main accomplishments so far are: getting to know more about aviation and even cheering on fellow fearful passengers, sleeping better before my flights, being much calmer during turbulence and take-off, booking a seat window and taking pictures of the clouds. I might or might not have rewarded myself with some shopping afterwards in the duty free section.
Anyway, if you ever decide to try a Fear of Flying course I highly recommend choosing this private course! Keith is so wonderful to talk to, so well-prepared (over 20,000 flying hours – WOW!) and really the most empathetic person. His sense of humor is an added bonus.
I’m looking forward to read all your successful stories. Keep flying!”

“Captain Keith has changed my life!! My story started 15 years ago when I had my first panic attack on an overseas flight. I managed over time and with medication, to keep my fear to a bare minimum, until last year when I boarded a flight from Johannesburg to London. It was supposed to be a fun girl’s trip with my mom and sister. I ended up having another panic attack and had to depart the flight even before take-off. We were all devasted!

I had to get over this fear as my son had just gone to College in the US and I was supposed to visit him at Xmas. An ex-pat friend from London living here in South Africa recommended I contact Keith. Due to me so far from London Keith suggested we chat on Skype.

I can’t tell you how wonderful Keith is! He was such an amazing support throughout my journey with him. Always encouraging and had a good sense of humour at that. After having a few Skype calls with Keith, I started flying locally. It seemed so much easier! Due to Keith’s experience and vast knowledge about aviation, he gave me suggestions and taught me how to make my flying experience more enjoyable. He is always available to chat to if you are feeling anxious and is very honest about how things could turn out, so you are always ready for anything.

So, the time came that I was ready to board that really long flight to the US. I was nervous beforehand, but once on the flight and settled in, I felt amazingly calm. After many hours in the air and wifi onboard, I contacted Keith to say I was one hour away from New York. How proud I was of myself!! But couldn’t have done it with Keith’s constant support and genuine care.

If you WERE like me last year and have a real fear of flying, do yourself a favour and contact Captain Keith! He will really change your life …as life is about living!


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