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Many people from around the world (usually on Facebook) ask me if I can bring my course to their country. Unfortunately I can’t move my aircraft fuselage from where it is. It’s now firmly rooted to the ground …in fact, that’s one of it’s best qualities to a fearful flyer! It’s a great venue because when we get on I can have the sounds of boarding playing in the background to add a bit of reality without anyone being anxious that it might take off.

It’s a very good environment to address a fear of flying because for so many people it shows them that they can control their feelings.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t help you. If you’ve got a Skype connection then we can do everything that we do on the plane except be on the plane. In the last year I have been able to help a number of people from Africa, Australia, America and the Far East and they’ve all been able to take a flight. At the moment I’m working with three people.

I haven’t advertised this on the website previously because I wasn’t certain that my course would translate into a conversation but so far we’ve had lots of success.

There’s always a bit of fun linking up when I’m talking to someone where they are 12 hours ahead of or behind my local time … but eventually we get used to the time differences and we link up quite easily.

I do encourage people to buy the online course as a source of reference but apart from that, it’s just between you and me on the internet. Sure it’s not as easy and straightforward as being here with me on the plane but if this is the next best thing … go for it. It has worked for a lot of people.

If you discover that it’s not for you it’s no problem because we’ll start with a couple of short sessions before any money changes hands. I’m here to help you to fly not to get rich.
email me at captainkeith@flyingwithoutfear.com or contact me directly on Skype and we’ll get going as soon as possible.

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