You are not alone, and you will overcome your fear. The fear of flying is real and 40% of the traveling public are anxious about flying. The effects go from mild anxiety before a flight, to a state of terror which can prevent the sufferer from even boarding an aircraft. In the worst cases, even a visit to an airport is impossible.

Symptoms can start months before a flight and become steadily more debilitating as the flight time approaches. Frequently, holidays are spoiled because the fear preys on the mind to such an extent that recovery from the outward flight is followed immediately by fears of the return flight. The symptoms can be physical and mental discomfort that range from a feeling of sickness and general discomfort to the onset of a panic attack. Your worries can be overcome and we’ll help you to do it.

The fear of flying

Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in being fearful of flying. Be reassured by the fact that the fear of flying is not confined to any particular group of people with regard to age and gender social status or intelligence. Remember your fear of flying is;

  • Not a weakness
  • Something  you  can overcome
  • Something that is not as difficult as you might think
  • Not going to dominate your plans or your life for much longer.

Things that you can and should do right now

  • First, resolve that you will never again read anything about air travel and its problems and dangers in magazines and newspapers. See our advice regarding the media.
  • Secondly, promise yourself that you will never watch ‘disaster’, ‘black box’ and ‘inside’ stories about passenger air travel. They serve no positive purpose for you.
  • Thirdly, stay away from well-wishers with flying stories!
  • Resolve to get all your information about flying from a reputable source.
  • Don’t talk about flying in emotive language.
  • Expect to succeed.
  • Face your fear directly.
  • Don’t avoid doing something about your fear.
  • Don’t wait any longer than today.

Once you have found a proper and lasting strategy you can spend time enjoying your holiday rather than worrying. Unfortunately, most sufferers regard the fear of flying as a weakness because there are so many social or business implications. And to make things worse the fear of flying seems to encourage ridicule from those who don’t suffer from it.

Some unhelpful people retell their own terrifying and obviously exaggerated stories about flying, no doubt in the hope that the fears that other people have, will become insignificant by comparison with the things that they have endured. And whilst their intentions are good, the effects are unhelpful. There is also a common misconception among laypeople that quoting safety statistics will also help. 

 A hearty slap on the back and a “you’ll be all right on the night” seems to be one of the ways that friends try to help fearful flyers.  IT DOES NOT WORK. If you have a travelling companion or supporter we have a contract foryou on the Economy Membership pages.You’ll find it very useful and is a great way to work together.

Best wishes,

Captain Keith

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