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Personalised, piloted, pleasurable, practical and proven – our one to one fear of flying courses have helped hundreds of fearful flyers take to the skies with confidence. We guarantee confidentiality.

£299 UK Private Fear of Flying Course

This unique one to one fear of flying course will definitely get you flying. Book your one to one course today and go flying tomorrow. We promise that we’ll get you flying. We can also arrange to accompany you on a flight of your choice.

You’ll spend the day with Captain Keith talking about everything that worries you when you go flying. Despite how you feel right now we promise to get you flying. No ifs and buts … we will get you flying.

We’ll do this by making you the centre of the day. We’ll talk about your fears, your worries, your anxieties and we’ll devise a strategy for you that will work.

If you want to arrange to go on a short flight with him … it’s no problem. Maybe you’d like a flight in a simulator … it’s all possible.

The course takes place on our de-commissioned  plane in Alton Hampshire GU34 4BH

It’s a day where you’ll be able to face and address your fear of flying in a supportive and friendly environment.The other promise we make is that you’ll do a lot a smiling and laughing during the day.
Right now, what is your fear of flying stopping you from doing? Visiting family abroad? Taking your dream holiday? Perhaps even getting promotion at work? Does your fear of flying make business trips a thing to fear?


Meet Captain Keith now and hear about the course

Why this course is the best available

  • With just you on the course, we can give you our personal attention and meet your individual needs
  • You will have the experience of taking a flight, without actually doing so, allowing you and us to address your needs “for real”
  • You will enjoy the day, because you will be with understanding people who will make you smile and even laugh
  • You can bring along a supporter at no extra cost
  • We continue to provide support after the course – for as long as you need us to
  • If the course does not work for you, we will refund your money (conditions apply, see below *)
  • Venue is GU34 4BH Call 07539 172 646
  • We can meet you at Alton or Basingstoke station

Read what our clients say

What our clients have said..

“Captain Keith, you HAVE changed my life and even though I don’t plan on travelling by air in the immediate future, I will stay posted to this site for your fantastic support and advice. xoxoxoxoxo Be well and happy flying!”

“Just wanted to say thank you and also say how brilliant your course is and just wanted let you know I  went to Heathrow for the day on the Sunday after your course and next week I fly to Barcelona”

“What sets this Fear of Flying course apart from others on offer is the small group size, in the great setting of an aircraft cabin. And, being able to receive one to one attention from an experienced and understanding pilot, I was able to face my anxieties without having to actually fly. I would not hesitate to recommend this course” June R, 2009

“I attended your course! Last weekend I put it to the test and flew to Spain and back!  I did my homework for two weeks before – listening to the tapes and watching the DVDs. I was expecting to take some fear along with me, but to my surprise I found that I had gone from an 8 out of 10, where 10 is paralysed  with fear, to a 2 out of 10”  May 2012

“Hi Keith, Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been to Chile; I’m now back home.I had a lovely time ; I’ve got to say that I’m so pleased that I attended your course. It was really helpful, I wasn’t as anxious as I thought I was going to be. I had a few turbulence, but I found that I put my concerns to the back of my mind rather than having them to the fore front of my mind.”

So…where do I begin? So both flights were fairly turbulent in my eyes. No more than, say, 5-10 mins of what I consider to be smooth. But, I progressed definitely. 100% certain of that.

My fear “ended earlier” than it has done on any previous flight I can remember I.e. On the way out, the fear almost completely disappeared after about 60% of the flights duration and I even went to the toilet when it was a little bumpy. Interestingly, I did question in my own mind “why doesn’t the pilot just ascend a few thousand more feet to get out of this high cloud” and I actually came up with the own answer in my head which is a first, for definite. It was answering my own question but it was a “Keith” response! “Because it’s not dangerous”!
The other achievement was not immediately looking up to see if the seatbelt sign had been switched on when hearing the beeps in the cabin. I left it 20 seconds before doing so (rather than an immediate glance up to see if I needed to strap myself in tightly!). Another achievement was relying less on looking out the window to remind my brain that we weren’t falling during the little bumps. I still needed to from time to time but less so and at one point I closed the window shutter to help with that.
I had an exercise book to jot down thoughts/flight diary etc. and focus attention etc.
I did have a few elastic band snaps on the flight out but that was ok and all part of the process I guess.

Way back was a little more bumpy but was quite calm at the airport and even getting on the plane and taxiing. Seatbelt sign came on for 10 mins or so at cruising and that was a challenge but I did my breathing and used the window view to assist. Didn’t get anywhere near full panic mode but it was a challenge.

So, as I write this I am thinking that the next time I need to go to Scotland for work I may suggest flying instead of what I normally do which is get the train! August 2015

Book your one to one fear of flying course today or call us on 01420 588 628 for a FREE no obligation chat and you will have taken that vital first step in overcoming your fear of flying.

One to one fear of flying courses take place on our de-commissioned aircraft situated near Alton Hampshire GU34 3RX on the A339.

By Train
Alton is 1 hour 20 minutes from Waterloo station. We can meet you at Alton station

By Car

If you’re arriving from the Alton direction on the A339 the entrance (ON THE LEFT) is somewhat concealed. There are signposts showing that you are approaching the venue. The entrance is unmistakable with its large number of signs!

If you are approaching from the Basingstoke direction on the A339 your passenger will probably see the plane three hundred metres or so before you get to the entrance.

Conditions for money back guarantee

* Attend another (free) course

* Practice and apply agreed strategies

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Price: £250.00


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