We have four levels of membership the FREE pages give the casual reader a good insight to the sort of help available here. As membership levels go higher then more information is available. There is more information available here than anywhere else in the world, including the internet. You can peruse or you can build yourself a personal encyclopaedia of knowledge stored in your personal library for immediate access whenever you sign in. You can check your progress and receive regular emails for a period up to and including the day of your flight. You can even practice booking a ticket and check where the best places to sit are located on the plane 
Economy level membership gives you access to 20 pages of information about the fear of flying and is suitable for fearful flyers who are probably able to fly but suffer mils anxiety from time to time and want to have some basic about flying and need some guidance with regard to strategies. There is advice about the fear of flying generally with articles on stress and helpful therapies. Turbulence, of course, is discussed and there are some top tips for anxious flyers. The question and answers page has at least 50 questions and will be added to from time to time. Economy membership does not give access to other help available for example on the First Class and Premium levels of membership
  First class membership gives you access to all the content on economy membership plus a minimum of 37 pages of articles. Plus FREE access to:
  1. My book “The Other Side of Fear … a Pilots Life”
  2. Our fear of flying course Workshop Booklet 68 pages.
  3. Three Hour Audio fear of flying Course
    Premium membership gives you access to FREE, ECONOMY and FIRST CLASS MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS  Premium membership gives you access to over 60 videos dealing with every aspect of having a fear of flying Premium membership gives you access to an additional 5 hours of audio help Premium membership gives you access to over 350 ‘what if’ questions Premium membership gives you access to everything you’ll ever need to overcome your fear of flying

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