Do you want to fly with less worry? Do you want to be able to go on holiday without worrying about the flight? Do you want to be able to take a business trip, without making excuses not to go? Do you have friends and family living abroad that you want to visit?

Our fear of flying course will help you to do those things.  If you have been searching the internet for a course that will help you to overcome your fear of flying then you will probably have seen everything from $10.00  miracle cures, to Harley Street specialists at £50.00 a minute. There are hypnotists, therapists, life coaches, airline courses and dozens more to choose from. But how can you be sure it will meet your needs to manage your fear when you have to make a  choice based on a sales pitch or brand familiarity? Our brand, and style is here on this website … this is the way we do things – we’re open, honest, direct and treat you as an individual, a person with a fear of flying … not as a customer. We want you to succeed, so we make a promise to get you flying and not only that, we want to support you when you’ve been flying. We’re here to help you afterwards as well as right now.  The free LOGBOOK 24/7 community is open to you and with its 2500 members spread across the world, you can be sure that someone will be online and willing to chat to you about your worries and to help you to fly with less worry.

The course is based on the recommendations of the Third World Conference on the Fear of Flying in Montreal. Captain Keith addressed the conference on the subject of how pilots and cabin crew can help fearful flyers. Captain Keith flew for British Airways for 28 years.

The conference recommended that a course should consider these principles:

  • It should be conducted in small groups.
  • It should be held in a venue that raises anxiety levels.
  • Should be conducted by experts.
  • Should be based on a recognised form of psychological method.
  • Should have continuous support available after the course.
  • Should not claim efficacy. (Success rates)
  • It should address the individual needs of participants.
  • The course should be conducted in conditions as close as possible to the real thing.
In addition,  our  course is …
  • Friendly.
  • Fun.
  • Fair … if it doesn’t work you can have your money back.
And if that’s not enough…
  • You can bring along your travelling companion  for £15.
  • And you can come back for a FREE top up course when you need to.
  • You receive all our products FREE.
  • There’s a money back guarantee if the course doesn’t work for you. (Conditions apply).
This course will get you flying, in fact that is our promise. On every course we run we meet people who have been on other courses and still can’t face the prospect of flying. Remember that overcoming your fear isn’t a case of being persuaded to get on a plane with 99 other people, taking a flight around the countryside and then flying happily ever after. A single flight does not put you in the situation that you are in when on holiday.  When you go away … you fly back, and it’s during the time away that the worries often re-appear. We give you strategies to deal with that. Of course some people’s fears are only superficial and after a bit of re-assurance and the experience of a flight then they get enough confidence to take more flights. But for many people that type of course just doesn’t work.  These are the people we can help … in fact we say that if we can’t help you then it’s unlikely that anyone can.  Read the  testimonials from people we have helped to overcome their fear of flying.
Most importantly we treat you as an individual, we have no more than four people on each course, so that we can give you the attention that you need.
We treat you as an individual with individual needs, use adult explanations and use the Socratic teaching method. We try to empower you so that you can answer your own questions about flying. Of course you won’t be as technically perfect as I am, BUT you’ll be able to answer your questions to your own satisfaction. We plant the seeds on the course so that you can cultivate a strategy that works for you.
Because what we do is for you, according to your needs. When you book with us you’ll get the best that’s available.  Experts, and the perfect environment. And we are here to support you as long as you need us to. Our aim is simple: We want you to find a way of dealing with your fear of flying so that your life isn’t affected by it. We develop a warm and supportive atmosphere in which you can relax and face your fear. We don’t do any tree hugging or mind games … we get you straight to the point … we get you to face the facts … we get you to face the fear … and so far everyone except one person, has succeeded. And there’s every reason to be confident that you will succeed too. If you want to fly with less anxiety than you suffer now, then our fear of flying course WILL work for you. We’ve always had a money back guarantee, but we’ve  never been asked for a refund.  (Products must be returned). I cannot cure your fear of flying … and nor can anyone else.  Only you can do that, but we will give the tools and skills necessary to develop a lasting and effective strategy.
“Keith is a very respectable and honest individual, when attending his fear of flying course Keith was very genuine about wanting to really help people and it was evident that this was his primary goal.While being a very experienced pilot Keith offers a lot of insight for people wanting to get over their fear of flying and can provide a huge support network for anyone looking for help.”

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