Generally speaking of all the people who are anxious about flying most people fall into one of two main groups. They are monitors and blunters. The first group want to find out about things…and that’s probably you, because you’re visiting this site and the other group  who, not unreasonably just want to fly and know nothing at all about the hows and whys of what’s happening …they just want to do it with the minimum fuss as they see it.

It’s not essential to know exactly what has caused your fear of flying, but it will help if you start to organise your thoughts about how you feel about flying.

One of the ways of organising your thoughts is to write them down, so we have prepared this list of questions which should help you to get started. it won’t give you an answer but it will get you thinking about the things that you probably haven’t wanted to think about previously.

To help you get the maximum benefit, answer these questions as honestly as you can because they will help you to focus.

How long have you been nervous about flying?

List in descending order of importance the things that cause you anxiety when flying.

What is your biggest fear when flying?

Do you have any associated fears?

What do you think caused it?

What have you done about your fear?

How has your fear impacted on your life?

How do you rate the likelihood of overcoming it?

Do you have a supporter?

If you could draw a picture, what would your fear look like?

If you could describe your fear in two sentences, how would it sound?

What are the benefits of overcoming your fear?

How do you express your fear?

What are your expectations for the future?

How do you hope this course will help?

Has anything happened on a plane which started your fear?

Are you claustrophobic?

Are you generally of a nervous disposition?

Do you find it hard to hand over control?

Do you understand the difference between being hopeful and being realistic?

There is a much more comprehensive survey and ‘answers’ on the First Class Membership. 


Nowhere on these pages or in any of our courses will you discover anything that would make you feel more anxious than you do now.  There are no hidden surprises and nothing is designed to increase your anxiety.


Best wishes,

Captain Keith



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