“Bingo!! Just thought I’d let you know I flew to Montreal and back with no problem at all!”

It surprises most fearful flyers that so many people are anxious about flying. It’s important to remember that you’re not on your own and your fear is not a weakness … it’s just the way you are. It ranges from people paralysed with fear to those who can fly …but only just … and with some sort of medicinal or liquid help, and everyone in between.

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  • You are not alone in your fear of flying.
  • Your fear of flying is not a weakness.
  • Your fear of flying can be overcome.


The most common question about planes from people with a fear of flying is “How on earth does something as heavy as a jumbo jet fly?” The answer is simple … take a brick into the garden and throw it and ask yourself why it doesn’t fly. As you’ll quickly realise, it won’t fly because it doesn’t have wings and that’s it in a nutshell, because, generally speaking, if you’re not a rocket ship, you’ll need wings to fly.
What’s difficult to believe is that the wings can generate enough force to support a plane … a plane just looks too big and heavy for any force to lift it into the sky … and propel it at 600 miles an hour. There are lots of easy to understand articles and videos on this subject on other levels of membership. The designer makes the wings big enough plane’s size. A plane flies because it has wings big enough to support it. Disregard the statement  ‘miracle of flight’  it’s no more a miracle than a floating boat. It’s not a miracle …  it’s a scientific fact.

And don't forget that ...

Planes don’t fly ‘fighting’ against gravity; they fly because of it and all the other laws of science, mathematics and engineering. They are the same laws that let boats float in water, trains roll on rails and cars travel along roads.
The important difference is that we can see a road and we can see water, but the sky is invisible, and that makes flying a bit harder to understand. “Seeing is believing.” is not a statement that helps us to understand flying. Although your fear of flying is perfectly normal, it can be overcome, starting today … starting now. It is a learned fear, and so it can be unlearnt too. Visit our shop to get the latest and best help available to overcome your fear of flying.

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