Here are some tips that should help you on your way to overcome or at or at least start to address your fear, there are more tips available on higher level memberships.


  1. Dispel the myths of flying with knowledge.
  2. Have confidence that, despite all your feelings, flying is normal.
  3. Although you may not believe it,  flying an airliner is NOT complicated or difficult.
  4. Flying and safety are most definitely NOT in the hands of chance or the Gods, and it’s not magic either!
  5. To overcome your worries about flying you must have a plan.
  6. We have suggested an action plan and strategy on this site.
  7. Flying is safe because of the laws of physics and gravity.
  8. Remember, flying is much safer than you think.
  9. Remember that the fear of flying is a learned fear and therefore it can be unlearned.
  10. ‘What if’ thoughts need to be limited and controlled.
  11. Turbulence is uncomfortable but that’s not the same as dangerous.
  12. Planes don’t fly because of Magic.
  13. There is no need to be superstitious about flying.
  14. Keep learning the facts.
  15. Stay with us and we’ll help you to overcome your fears 

*We always like to give you more than you expect.

Best wishes,

Captain Keith

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