FLY TO ANTIGUA: Join me on a flight to Antigua. Along the way I’ll explain a few things and help you to relax. We know it a film and not a real flight but it does let you experience a flight in the comfort and security of a place and time that you choose. The more you watch it the more normal flying becomes … and that’s the plan.

A DIVERSION! Here’s a clip to get your thoughts going. Is a diversion full of danger or just going to a different destination. What reasons are there for the pilots to make a diversion? Is it dangerous or routine? Well I can tell you it’s not dangerous so that leaves you with the other answer.


A WINDY DAY: As you’d expect, flying on a windy day is no more difficult than flying on any other day. The plane is built to cope with it in the same way that a boat can manage to deal with waves. Sit inside the cabin as this turbo-prop plane lands on a windy day in a cross wind. You’ll be surprised … nothing to see.


FEAR OF FLYING TIP: Overcoming a fear isn’t necessarily learning about something ‘big’ your whole view of flying may change with a very simple tip.


A FLIGHT TO MOMBASSA: Here’s another video of a flight  that includes lots of helpful captions and information to make flying normal for you.


PROPELLER ENGINED PLANES:Almost everyone thinks that a plane with propellers is less safe or older than a jet plane …it’s not true this videos explains why.


TURBULENCE: Watch this fearful flyer actually flying an Airbus Simulator in severe turbulence… and giving a commentary at the same time! 


TURBULENCE: More about turbulence because it’s the number one fear!


HOW DOES AN AEROPLANE FLY? Is it magic or science? If it’s based on magic then I’d be scared too, but it isn’t, it’s all science … boring trustworthy science.

THUNDERSTORMS: Even though lots and lots of people I meet claim to have flown through a thunderstorm I can promise you that they haven’y. Even if their plane has been struck by lightning. 


INSIDE THE COCKPIT: Some fearful flyers are fascinated by the flight deck of a plane others don’t care. Just in case you’re interested here I am in my element, in my office, talking about the thing I love most … being in a plane! 



LONG NIGHT WATER: What’s this clip about? Long flights, Night flights and flights over water, flights that worry lots of people unnecessarily. Here’s why you have no need to be anxious, but it’s ok to take a little anxiety with you so don’t worry if you’re not as worry free as I am … there’s nothing wrong with being human. 

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