Overcoming your fear of flying means developing confidence in yourself and confidence in us. We want you to be sure that you can trust us to help you, and confident that you can overcome your fear by trusting yourself and by facing your fear.

fear of flying

We promise to do everything in our power to help you, and even though there may be difficult times ahead we promise to give you complete support. We hope that the success of the site and our product is evident from personal testimonies available on this site.  

We do not claim to give you more than we can deliver. We will do everything possible to help you to find the cure or strategy that will help you to overcome your fear of flying.  Over 97% of people who seek help overcome their fears.

If there is anything we can do to give you a better service, don’t hesitate to let us know. And please tell everyone else you know about this site too! Ask around and you’ll meet lots of people who are anxious about flying too.

  • The proof of our success is not just a claim, have a look at what people say about us.  
  • Our expertise and encouragement will help you overcome your fear
  • Our Social network will give you help, support and encouragement

A lasting strategy


We don’t believe that enthusiasm for flying is sufficient reason to offer help. Many pilot driven sites and products work on the basis that a friendly, dumbed down technical explanation and a  “look how easy it is to fly a plane”  approach will persuade people to overcome their fears.

Neither do we believe that it’s possible to be cured by simple tricks of the mind as many therapies imply. We do not believe that making one ‘graduation flight ‘ at the end of a day’s course means that you have a lasting strategy to deal with your fear. While these things may be aspects of confidence building it is more likely to be a short term fix rather than lasting strategy. Unfortunately, many of these help therapies approach the problem from the commercial point of view rather than your needs. Therapies that persuade you to turn down your ‘fear thermostat’ are based on the principle of giving someone else the authority and means to cure you.

Only you have the key to your success...

We just help along the way. It is vital that you find and keep the thoughts that help you. Something that comes quickly will go quickly. Make it your aim to find a long-lasting strategy. Take care with the quick fix, one size fits all courses.

Put another way; you don’t want fast food…you want a balanced diet. Fast food tastes good at the time but it’s not long before you want to eat again. A fear of flying is a complex problem and though people share many of the attitudes, feelings and emotions that go with a fear of flying, the blend for each person is different.

Overcoming a fear of flying cannot be achieved quickly. It’s possible, of course, to deal with many of the symptoms and emotions very quickly, but if the fear is more than superficial, a more lasting strategy is required.

Personal support is vital and whilst we will help as much as we can, the best support is to have contact with people with similar feelings. This is why we recommend everyone to join the Fear of Flying Community on this website. Guidance, empathy and encouragement are most effective when it comes from people who also have a fear of flying and who have found for themselves, the remedies that work.

We can only help


We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits’ which is the reason that we have developed different products. Each product helps you in a different way so that you can build your confidence and knowledge in the way that you need. We can not tell you what will work for you. It is your choice according to your needs. If you find the cure…it belongs to you, no-one can take it away from you unless you let them.

Our products will give you the knowledge, foundation and insight that will help you reach your own conclusions about how you can overcome your fear of flying. Our knowledge and expertise, with your commitment, are the keys to your success. Overcoming your fear is something that has to be learnt, and from our experience of modern aviation training methods, we know adults learn most effectively by understanding and relating to other life experiences, by thought, analysis and contemplation. Therefore the products and information on this site are for you to use in the way that suits you. We believe that they provide the knowledge and information that is vital in overcoming your fear of flying.

Best wishes,

Captain Keith



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