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Captain Keith Godfrey
Do you want to overcome your fear of flying? Do you worry during your holiday about flying home? Do you need someone to help you? Call me for a chat about your fear of flying. 01420 588 628 m 07539 172 646

“So almost a year after the course I’ve finally done it and flown to and from Rome.

Without doubt it was your course which helped me to do this. I remembered everything you had explained about the different engine noises, what the plane was doing at different parts of the flight and it really was fine. Thank you so much!Best wishes,C.C. 11 April 2019  

Thanks Keith! It was great though, makes sense of everything you feel, and the views are sensational, whizzing past clouds, even at 30 thou or so, then they suddenly stop and you see the patchwork quilt of England, or the sea, as you head for home, then everything on final approach. Looking out of the window I didn’t notice any bumps as we came down. Wow. Wish I’d done that before! June 8th 2019

“Hi Keith,

Emailing from Halkidiki, I flew yesterday & we were delayed by 1hr 30 but I did my breathing to make sure I was still calm when we boarded. I let the TUI crew know that I was nervous flyer & this time this crew were very supportive. I managed to do the flight with no valium tablets, which is great for me (second holiday with no tablets). We did hit some turbulence & the seat belt sign came on but I looked out the window & watched the wing, I also voice memo a bit from your online course with you speaking about turbulence which I then played to myself. I am hoping for a successful flight but to luton too, 7th June 2019  

“Hi Captain Keith. I did it- I flew to Barbados and back with significantly less anxiety than previously! There was turbulence but I stayed positive, I focused on my strategy and used the techniques we discussed. I feel a massive sense of achievement and I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to my next flight and making further progress still.

“So I did it!(beat my fear of flying) and the reward was a brilliant day yesterday for a friend’s wedding. Next flight will be my honeymoon in September!” April 25th

Keith was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! His course was so personable, logical and enjoyable. I could ask any question, no matter how ridiculous it was, and Keith gave me a sound answer to every single question I had. “I can’t thank you enough for your kindness at dropping me a line. I was able to override my past negative experience with a positive new one.” Feb 2018

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£199 This course is about YOU. Personalised to make sure YOU succeed. You'll get PERSONAL attention. Bring a supporter £15. And if it doesn't work for you, we'll refund your money. Call me 01420 588 628 m 07539172 646

£299. A day with me, on our plane, addressing your anxieties about flying. 2 hours static simulator flying is £400. I can accompany you on a short flight (tickets not included) £350. If you're in the public eye or want confidentiality call 01420 588 628 or 07539 172646.

Designed for non-UK residents The only on-line course available to help fearful flyers. Organise your own 'Library' from over 60 videos, hours of audio help and 100+ articles, including 23 common fears. And practice making bookings to find the best place to sit. Contact other fearful flyers on the message board. And lots more...even chat to Captain Keith during your flight!

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