SURVEY: How did you hear about the course? Internet  Website  Other

Does the course offer good value ? 1= NO 10 =YES 100% of the respondents answered  YES

Has the course helped you? 1= NO 10 =YES 98 % of the respondents answered between 9 and 10  2% answered 8

Is the course too long or too short? 1= Too short 10 =Too long 100% of the respondents answered between 5 and 6

Can you suggest anything to improve the course? 99 % of the respondents answered NO

Would you recommend the course? YES  NO  NOT SURE 100% of the respondents answered YES

Which part of the course did you enjoy most? 90+% of the respondents answered because of the one to one personal approach

Which part of the course did you enjoy least? 0% of the respondents have  answered this question

Was the course at the right ‘level’ for you? YES  NO 100% of the respondents answered YES

Was the course too technical? YES  NO 100% of the respondents answered NO

What did you think of the venue? Aircraft Poor  Adequate  Good   Good+

100% of the respondents answered between  GOOD and GOOD+

Cafe/Restaurant Poor Adequate Good Good+ 100% of the respondents answered between  GOOD and GOOD+

How did you find the Crew ? Agreeable, Friendly, Encouraging, Helpful, Enthusiastic, Knowledgeable, Considerate, Distant, unempathetic , disinterested 0% of the respondents answered Distant, Unempathetic , Disinterested 100% of the respondents answered this question

How were the explanations? Too simple, interesting, too technical, boring, unnecessary, complicated, understandable, about right, other 100% of the respondents answered interesting, understandable and about right

Have you benefited from the course? YES   NO 100% of the respondents answered YES

Was it useful to meet other fearful flyers in this environment? YES   NO 100% of the respondents answered YES

Did the small group environment help you ? YES   NO 100% of the respondents answered YES


“It has turned me around from hanging on to the fear to letting go of the fear.”
“Venue was brilliant.”
“The crew were the very best, totally understandable and empathetic.”
“Pleasantly surprised by how effective being in the plane is.”
“Feel re-assured and excited about flying.”
“Thanks for letting me come on a free top up.”
“I liked the one to one…very personal.”
“Very open question and answer session.”
“The approach, exclusivity and honestly worked very well.”
“Very beneficial to to meet and talk to other fearful flyers and their supporters.”
“I just want to tell you all what a delightful day we had on Saturday with Captain Keith and his wife, Viv. They made us feel so welcome and we felt at ease in no time. The course was excellent. Second to none.Keith and his wife were both very understanding of our fears but helped to dispelled those fears in no time at all. Amazing. No question was left unanswered even if we thought we were asking Keith a ‘daft’ question – “no such thing as a daft question” said Keith. He answered the questions in plain simple terms and gave some excellent examples. My partner came along to give me support and Keith included him in everything. He never got left out so thank you, Keith and Viv. When I first drove up and saw the aircraft, I have to confess my knees turned to jelly and we weren’t even leaving the ground! Keith had given us the ‘facts’ and had dismissed the ‘myths’ that we tend to have about flying, so by the time the course was over, I can honestly say that I could have gone up in a plane there and then. I never thought I would hear myself saying that! Having only a small group of people on the course (unlike some of the bigger companies) meant that we all received the ‘personal touch’. Each person was able to tell of their ‘fears’. You might think that this would have made it worse for us ‘fearful flyers’ but it didn’t. It simply meant that once Keith had explained things in detail, it helped to allay our fears. We all got a better understanding of ‘what makes a plane fly’ and ‘how it stays up in the air’ – brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble for Keith and Viv. He has told us that we can ring him at any time (even from the airport) should we be worried about anything. How many companies who run ‘flying without fear courses’ offer such a personal service. Not many, I doubt. I would thoroughly recommend the course. I am actually looking forward to flying in August – God, did I really say that!!! A million thanks, Keith & Viv. Kind Regards Julie Wells
Well I did it! Dave and I flew to Dublin on Thursday and I was absolutely fine. I felt a little apprehensive when I got up at 2.30 am (!) but then I just remembered all that I had been told on the course and I soon began to relax. In fact, for the first time ever, I did actually enjoy the taking off and landing. No clammy hands and for once, Dave didn’t have to suffer my nails digging into him! I was able to look out of the window for most of the journey and it was great to be able to look down on our hotel by the beach (with golf course) as we came in to land at Dublin. I really enjoyed the flight. When we came to leave on Sunday, I was totally relaxed. I didn’t even feel apprehensive. I have never felt so calm about flying as I did on Sunday. We had quite a bit of waiting to do at the airport so I spent the time just watching the planes taking off and landing and taking in all of the action on the ground, including the pilot checking under his plane! Most reassuring!! It was nice to be able to associate all that was going on with what the course had taught me. As we jetted off down the runway, both Dave and I were able to enjoy the ‘experience” together. Dave was really proud of me and I actually felt really proud of myself. During the flight, we did have a little bit of turbulence which, probably by nature, did give me a few jitters. However, as soon as it started, I remembered you telling us that the plane wouldn’t be going up and down and so to reassure myself, I looked towards the window and could see for myself that the plane was steady. It worked! I might not be quite so brave in severe turbulence but because of the knowledge which I now have, I will be in a better position to understand ‘turbulence’ and, hopefully, cope with it. I just want to say a “million and one thanks”, Keith, for helping me to get back on a plane. I really thought that my days of flying had ended. Best Wishes

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