UNDERSTANDING FEAR: Fear isn’t a weakness, it’s just the way you’re made. But you can overcome your fears by understanding it and replacing your fiction with my facts. Although your feelings are real the conclusions that you come to about them are wrong. If we are on the same flight, you would describe it one way and I would describe it another. The chances are that you’d talk about how it felt to you and I would talk about the facts of the flight. You’d think danger and I’d think safety.

BREATHING AND RELAXATION: It is amazing how much more able you are to deal with your fears if you are relaxed and if you control your breathing. Here are some very simple techniques to stay in control when you’re flying … and when you’re getting ready to fly.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA: There’s nothing worse than feeling you can’t breath properly or that you can’t escape from a situation. This clip will help you to deal with  and understand what’s going on.

STRATEGIES: Anything worthwhile in life can only be achieved with a plan, and that’s true of overcoming your fear of flying. It’s not only making sure you do the right things but also to avoid doing the things that will make things worse. Here is a guide to getting a working strategy.


TAKING OFF: Probably second to the fear of turbulence is the fear of the take off. To me as a pilot it’s perfectly straight forward but to fearful passengers it’s the moment they call the point of no return. Stop calling it that and understand why it’s perfectly natural for a plane to take off and a very simple procedure.

TURBULENCE: If I had put this at the top of the page you wouldn’t have seen all those other interesting things about flying. “Turbulence can be uncomfortable , but that’s not the same as dangerous.”

FALLING AFTER TAKE OFF: After take off the plane climbs to its first assigned altitude. Unless cleared to ‘continue’ its climb it has to fly level (in the UK  this height is 6000′) meaning that it goes from a nose up position with lots of engine power to a level position with very much less power. Listen in to this explanation and all will be  made clear.

SEEING THINGS DIFFERENTLY: It’s very easy to get fixated on the things we believe. These beliefs sometimes turn into our personal realities. Here’s a chance to have a different look at the things that normally make you feel nervous.

I hope you found these videos helpful and showed you more reasons why flying is a perfectly normal thing to do, even though you may find it slightly unsettling. With knowledge and confidence you’ll be able to go flying, not as excitedly as I do but certainly with less worry than you have now. There are more videos on the Premium level membership.

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