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“Captain Keith is amazing for ongoing support after the course, which is why I always recommend him!”

Captain Keith Godfrey has been a commercial pilot for over 55 years and brings his knowledge of flying and his expertise as a teacher to help you to overcome your fear of flying.

No airline course can give you the personal attention that Captain Keith will give you. He can promise to get you flying. No other company does that, and of course Big Brands don’t guarantee quality. We’ll find a strategy that will always work for you. What’s more, you won’t have to spend half your holiday worrying about the flight home … you’ll be able to enjoy all your holiday. Can you imagine not having a fear of flying? It’s possible.

We understand that just being on this site is a big step for you and you really should congratulate yourself. And if you have had the courage to get this far, then you’ve certainly got the courage to overcome your fear of flying. Together we will fix your fear of flying. Your fear of flying has been learned and together we will help you to unlearn it. Despite how you are feeling right now, you have every reason to be confident that you can do it … YES, you can fly with less fear or without fear at all. We are confident enough to say that when you come to our fear of flying course, you will succeed. So confident in fact that we’ll refund your money if it doesn’t work. (T’s and C’s apply of course)

Remember, to us you’re a person, not a customer or a booking reference. We’ll look after you personally. That’s how we’re different, and that’s why you’ll be successful. And if you can’t get to one of our courses we have a whole range of products to help you at home and to take with you on a flight. If you’re connected on Skype, we can arrange a course over the internet.

Captain Keith Godfrey

Captain Keith learned to fly in 1961. In 1964 he was the youngest pilot to hold a flying instructor’s rating in the UK. By 1965 he was the Chief Flying Instructor of the largest flying club in the UK. During a 28 year career with British Airways, his training skills were recognised for their innovation, effectiveness and popularity. He is a senior training Consultant/Captain at one of the worlds’ biggest Commercial Pilot training academies. He specialises in Human Factors training and training pilots to train. He is the author of five books including TRAINING SKILLS FOR TRAINING PILOTS. A book recognised within the aviation industry as ‘the standard’.


We understand that right now you’ll be feeling apprehensive, we understand that deciding to address your fear of flying is a huge achievement. We also realise that this is the beginning of something that you might be unsure of. Remember that we’ll treat you personally, we’ll look after you because you are at the centre of overcoming your fear.
We don’t have the big brand influence that airlines have and we don’t use celebrities to advertise what we do. We don’t do hard selling, tree hugging, games or gimmicks… we do only the things that will get YOU flying.

We’re often copied but we’re never equalled


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