“I had the BEST flights I have ever had. I was actually looking forward to getting to the Airport and getting on the plane.”

Hey,  Thanks for dropping by. You’re looking at the sign up page for First Class membership of this site. Have a look at the information below to see if joining at this membership level is right for you. The odd thing about a fear of flying is that you might be really scared but something simple will help you to go flying or you may be worried about something little but it takes a lot of help to get you over it. We’re here to help you however you feel about flying.

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Just have a look at the amount of information there is in both the Free and the Economy levels of membership. Step up to First class and we’ll double the help we can give you.

Audio Help

There’s a sixteen minute audio clip about turbulence. There’s a 3 Hour Fear of Flying Course included 

36 Articles of help and interest


  • 100 Top Tips
  • Weather for Fearful flyers
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Self assessment Part 2
  • 230 Questions answered
  • Thunderstorms
  • Why people have a fear of flyingTraining
  • Non Normal situations on board
  • Some what if Questions answered
  • Movements of the plane
  • Winter Weather
  • Movements of the plane
  • Go Around
  • Top Fears 
  • Aviation Dictionary
  • Taking off
  • 20 other Helpful and Interesting things like How we fly and land in fog

Captain Keith's Favourites

My favourite part of the site is my book ‘The other Side of fear …A Pilot’s Life” I enjoyed writing it and I love reading it. Flying is so rigid so organised so safe, but for me there’s an inside story to be told the craziness of parking the signs the departure lounges the mental chaos of finding your flight. And I enjoyed taking a swipe at some of my pilot buddies … nothing nasty but it’s off my chest. There’s an audio version available on Amazon soon.

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