It is difficult for someone who has a fear of flying to know where to start. There are so many ‘cures and fixes’ on sale. Airline courses, therapies, hypnosis, TFT  and many many other methods and styles.

A fear of flying course cannot fix deep-rooted anxiety. A fear of flying course can’t fix agoraphobia. A fear of flying course can only fix a fear of flying BUT if part of your fear is caused by anxiety, claustrophobia, etc overcoming your flying fear can often lead to finding a way to fix those other problems. 

Usually, a fear is the result of feelings being stronger than the facts that could dispute them. Emotive words reinforce feelings and falsehoods. If YOU write down all your FEELINGS AND FEARS on a piece of paper I shall write FACTS to counter those feelings on another piece. On these pages, we shall gradually move my piece of paper with facts on, over your piece of paper with your fears and feelings until we almost obscure and replace your stuff with mine.

BUT we won’t cover your page completely because you are human, you have legitimate feelings and to suppress them all would build up the pressure so much that one day it might all explode, so we need a safety valve on your feeling we need to let you have them BUT they have to be under control, the need to be regulated. sounds hard but it’s true. Throughout these pages, you will be building your knowledge and your confidence we are here to support you as you overcome your fear, when you fly and for as long after as you need. Our premium level membership is based on these three things. It is the most extensive help available anywhere in the world.

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Captain Keith




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