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Air disaster programmes on the telly!

Hi everyone, As promised a quick rundown on the garbage I witnessed on the latest TV ‘documentary’. I don’t have time or space to comment fully and I missed half… Read more →

Winter Weather

WINTER WEATHER Author Captain Keith Winter operations I know that for many fearful flyers the onset of winter brings reminders of the dangers of flying this is because we think… Read more →


Dear Captain Keith, I want to thank you for the Turbulence Tamer app (Android version)- it has done wonders to alleviate my fear of turbulence! I live in Germany and visit… Read more →

Mental Health of Pilots

The fear of flying …random events Security is something that commercial aviation takes very seriously. When a pilot took control of an aircraft and deliberately flew it into the ground… Read more →

Fear of boats and things that float

I have never enjoyed anything that is connected with water. I don’t like swimming I don’t like sailing I don’t enjoy walking to the end of a pier. I don’t… Read more →

Things we talked about on the last course

Turbulence   (Turbulence App here) Take off Seat belt Signs Panic attacks Walking around and unbalancing the plane Crashing What causes  turbulence  (Turbulence App here) Not being in control Fear is… Read more →

Course on 22nd July

This is some of the stuff we discussed, along with how planes fly How they stay up. Intermittent fear. Short flights. Long flights. “Don’t like how high we are.” Claustrophobia… Read more →

Captain Keith’s Turbulence Tamer £1.99

CAPTAIN KEITH’S TURBULENCE TAMER Turbulence is the number one worry for most passengers and especially fearful flyers. We have designed this App to help air travellers to measure what the… Read more →

Letters and emails

I was clearing out some paper from one of my desk drawers and found this. It was posted on a form that I ran a long while ago.   This… Read more →

Aircrash detectives!

There seems to be a lot of stuff on the tele about air crashes and as a matter of policy I try to watch them, in the forlorn hope that one… Read more →