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For a personal one to one course £225

Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

More and more youngsters are finding the stresses and speed of modern life increasingly difficult to manage. This year we have seen a big increase in the number of young adults who are finding it impossible to deal with flying. We are not qualified to deal with or advise on the psychological causes of their anxieties.

However, we provide a supportive un-judgemental opportunity for them to chat about flying and what makes them anxious. Just being able to sit aboard a plane and chat to the pilot is very reassuring for them. With an emotionally secure and friendly environment, the door to addressing their fear opens. We have had considerable success in helping them to go flying and as a result family holidays have been ‘reinstated’.

No two children are the same as no two adults are the same and their fears and anxieties are unique. It is those particular fears that need to be addressed. We do not have a programme or a timetable, we do what works for the person concerned. During the course we develop a strategy for parent (s) and child to work together. We will spend time chatting about any flying they have done and any that it planned. We’ll talk informally about what makes them anxious and explore possible reasons. Above all, we speak to them as capable competent people who can discover and take ownership of strategies that will help them to go flying. They will leave with more knowledge, more confidence and all the support they need. We will also give them our books, In Flight Guide and CD course. They will have their own personalised Workshop booklet which we use during the course and which they can refer to, later on for guidance. We will stay in contact with the family to provide support and advice where required.

Please call me and we can start planning our strategy. I shall encourage the ‘young flyer’ to have a chat with me before the course to make sure that we laugh at the same things and are happy and able to work together.

“Just spent the day with Captain Keith with my 14 year old daughter. Such a good course with great material and Captain Keith is brilliantly knowledgeable approachable and relevant. Highly recommend.”

FEBRUARY “Hi Keith, Apologies for the delay in replying but I was letting the dust settle for him! Thank you very much for your time, patience and understanding. You have helped XXX an awful lot but he still thinks that the April flight to CANADA may be too soon for him as he “has a lot to think about after meeting you” We are gently encouraging him but not dwelling on April”

However six weeks later…
APRIL Dear Keith, I trust that this finds you well? With apologies for the delay, XXX bought you a postcard in CANADA so may I ask you to let me have the best address to send it to you? Kind regards
01420 588 628 m 07539 172 646

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