As a very small business it has a taken a long while for us to recover from the effects of Covid. But interest is picking up and with that in mind I’m  updating parts of the website. First to receive my attention is this Blog which previously was an occasional mention of ‘things’ about commercial aviation that might have been interesting  to some  fearful flyers.

My plan now is to post regularly and offer help to any fearful flyers who tune in. I’m going to keep an eye on a number of ‘fearful flyer’  websites and blogs to moderate and correct some of the unhelpful facts and advice that is too frequently  available. And of course offer some advice on how to deal with problems people encounter. One of the best bits of support anyone can have is from other fearful flyers, but in truth it should be from other ‘successful’ fearful flyers, not from someone who is sharing and combating their fear by adding to  the fears of others. In my professional opinion inaccurate descriptions of events in planes such as…
“approaching too fast”
“Difficult  runways”
“Worst turbulence ever”
“Old aircraft”

… in the long run don’t actually help fearful flyers. So this blog is about the truth, about facts about reality. There are no magic cures for your fear flying but it’s possible to manage your fear and that’s the start

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