Welcome to the first blog of this new website. The fear of flying is such a wide topic and so many people are affected by it that lends itself to different types of help. At the top of the tree are the airline courses that cater for groups of a hundred people or more to […]


A great deal of background at work goes on which is invisible to passengers and indeed is invisible to the crew to ground control staff are responsible for the condition of the taxiways the runway is the baggage handling the allocation of aircraft to gates and the provision of all equipment required by the aeroplane […]


Display air crash

Here is a part of the blog I posted on this site’s blog. Flyingwithoutfear.com and its associated websites has always maintained the principle of factually correct and unambiguous information to help fearful flyers. We strive to use language and descriptions that are consistent with those values and also explains aspects of aviation in a way […]


You want to buy an Airbus?

Heres the latest price list A318 $74,300,000 A330-200 $106,200,000 A350-900 US$304,900,000 A380-800 US$428,000,000


Airport charges

I’ve just been casually looking through the charges levied at a typical British airport. I’ve been in the industry since 1961 but I didn’t realise what passengers pay for. Aircraft taking off, landing, being parked, being moved, vehicles using the airport,loading vehicles,security charges, check in desks (by the half hour) and more and more. How […]


The missing Boeing 777

There has been little in the way of aviation news recently that would be of interest to anyone with a fear of flying.

The missing boeing 777 has been covered on my twitter and Facebook pages.


The rapid descent of an Airbus 380 aircraft

Several news channels today reported the rapid descent of an Airbus 380 aircraft. It diverted to an airport in Kazakhstan.

This was probably alarming for the passengers but a routine procedure for the pilots who practice this frequently.


What price safety?

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph printed an article on aviation security under the title “What price safety?” We know that much of the content of a newspaper is to fill the columns to make us think we’re getting value for money.

For the last 20 years I’ve been disappointed by most articles … expecting that I’ll find out something valuable about second hand cars or pensions or property or travel destinations.


About turbulence

The BBC have been profiling the subject of turbulence both on the air and on their website.

I get the feeling that there is a news item available that can connect nicely with the popular mis conceptions about turbulence.


Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The battery problems of last month seem to be moving to a rectification.

A recent conference in Seattle brought all customer airlines together to hear of the company’s plan to fix the problem.


Somatogravic illusions

A couple of incidents have directed pilot training towards a review of basic training.

Pilots learning to fly by instruments are told to ignore their sensations and believe what the instruments are showing.


Ultra Violet radar

There are some interesting developments in Ultra Violet radar and flight control systems.

Radar is being developed that can measure the movement of air molecules ahead of the aircraft.


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