Welcome to the first blog of this new website. The fear of flying is such a wide topic and so many people are affected by it that lends itself to different types of help. At the top of the tree are the airline courses that cater for groups of a hundred people or more to courses that help one person at a time. Some people like to work alone others like assistance. Some worry to the extent that they cannot fly while others can fly, but do so at great emotional cost. We are here to help anyone who want to fly more comfortably.

The aviation world puts safety above all else. Everyone is trained to very high standards and the industry is always striving to improve every level of safety.

There is more information here on this website than anywhere else in the world. I present it in a simple and honest style. I say things as they need to be said so that you can fly with less fear than previously. I will never write or say anything that will be subsequently found to be misleading or not the whole truth. I am on your side and willing to help you for your entire journey. To me you are a person not a customer or booking reference. I am always here to help you.

Captain Keith

Call me on 07539 172 646 captainkeith@flyingwithoutfear.com

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