While I was waiting for my Pilot trainees to arrive today, I had time to read an article in the Flight International magazine.
It was about a technology that was being developed to detect the turbulence generated by other aircraft. I never cease to be amazed at how technology makes aviation safer by the day by designing features on aircraft that could only have been dreams a few years ago.
And now 17 years later in 2024, I can say that progress hasn’t stopped, it hasn’t even slowed down, progress is getting faster and faster. New ideas and safety procedures are being introduced all the time.

Engineering standards are improving. Air Traffic Control have radar that identifies individual aircraft on the ground, it tells controllers if aircraft violate taxi instructions well… it goes on and on in Air Traffic… more and more developments all the time.

A single push on a button in a modern aircraft will tell the pilots if the plane is ‘ready’ for take off. There are great big screens in planes that show the routes in direction, of course, and the height of obstructions below them. The equipment can draw a 3D map for pilots that is so accurate and reliable that you could fly between mountains in thick cloud and be perfectly safe. Of course you’re a lot safer not even chancing it, so that’s how we operate…safely! We never takes chances. What’s the point? We all want to get home safely to our friends and families.


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