When I started this website over 20 Years ago, social media was almost non existent. It pretty well governs everything we do now, from news outlets, expressing our opinions, forming groups of like minded people and information gathering. However out has also been an opportunity for people of no experience and knowledge to debate with people of considerable experience. It’s hard to differentiate a convincing weirdo from an expert if you’re anxious and in need of something to make the worries less.

A new Blog Headings (ADVICE) is going to be sourced from from websites and social media where fearful flyers talk to each other but don’t actually help but just get sympathy. Inevitably the advice ends to be sharing experiences rather than positive e help. I know it helps to know that your fears are ‘normal’ and shared by other people but in the grand scheme, for most people, it doesn’t move them on. It just makes them feel better temporarily

Your emotions are your facts, if you feel scared then that’s real to you, there’s no point in telling you that you shouldn’t feel scared when you are. What we need to discover is what is the source of that fear and is it based in fact or fiction?

Here’s something gentle to enjoy:

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