Hi Keith
Thousands of people have overcome their fear of flying with help from this brilliant Cd Audio Set

Thousands of people have overcome their fear of flying with help from this brilliant Cd Audio Set

Just a quick word to say a big thank you for your “Flying without fear” 4 CD pack, I received them on Tuesday last and I have been working through them since, they are excellent and I hope to book a day return flight to the U.K. with a friend in the next few weeks or so. I just so happened to be in in the vicinity of a very wet and windy Dublin Airport this afternoon, close to a very popular lay-by where there are fantastic views at very close range of planes landing and taking off every few minutes, mainly Aer lingus and Ryanair 737s. As we approached this un-official “lay-by” there was a back log of traffic and we could see a couple of police cars with their blue lights flashing up ahead of us and we realised we had come upon the scene of an unfortunate minor car accident. As we passed by, I observed that there was not one, not two but three cars involved that had piled into the back of each other (it would appear quite gently I might add from the very slight damage done to the cars, as far as I could make out anyhow). The only logical cause of this accident you might ask? You guessed it, all three drivers were most probably / possibly straining to look up at the amazing spectacle of the planes landing and taking off almost over their heads….! The runway at Dublin Airport runs in parallel very, very close to this road and if you were not familiar with it, one might be ever so slightly alarmed to see a huge plane approaching as you glance in your rear view mirror….It just goes to prove, flying is the safest mode of travel and keep your eyes on the road when your driving in your car without the aid of auto-pilot and navigating instruments, especially in miserable and very damp drizzle! Later on, we returned to the lay-by and spent an hour or so watching the taxiing, take-offs and landings of many aircraft in the rain. I got to hear the huge roar and whine of the engines’ thrust and witnessed the speed of the planes as they sped off down the runway and took off at first hand, in very wet conditions but it was fantastic. We also took a quick drive through the new and as yet un-opened Terminal 2 “set-down” area at Dublin Airport and as far as I can make out, the new building appears to be designed in the shape of a huge wing. The airport authorities were running trial testing there with invited members of the public to act as passengers to test out all the new computer systems etc. a few weeks ago and it is due to open in November. I’m now actually looking forward to facing my fear soon armed with all my new information from your very informative and entertaining e-book and Cds and the fantastic experience I gained from viewing the planes at close quarters today. I’m much more positive about the prospect of flying again in the near future. I shall let you know how I get on Keith. Best wishes and thanks again. Gerald Casey.

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