A little while ago we received a suggestion that perhaps we should produce ‘something’ that would identify people with a fear of flying to others who also have a fear, when they are travelling. In this way anyone noticing another fearful flyer would have someone to share their feelings with.

Clearly only those wishing to share their feelings would identify themselves. In addition, and in accordance with the recent ICAO recommendation that Airlines and Airports should offer assistance to anxious passengers, it would be a simple way of identifying those with a fear of flying.

The most popular suggestion was a baggage tag. There is no need to have anything other than a design that can be recognised by those that know it. For check in staff and aircrew this would be a very discreet way of knowing who might need a little extra consideration. We shall reproduce the image shown here, on the flyingwithoutfear.com website so that it can be copied and printed by anyone wishing to use it, in any way that they feel shows it off most easily. We suggest a baggage tag for both checked in baggage and something to attach to your cabin bag.

This is the first day…it may take off or it may not….certainly it will take time to catch on but for my part I shall circulate the message to as many airports and Airline senior management that I can contact. Perhaps you will help by producing your Special Baggage tags.Keith and the Team.


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