Thank you Keith and Vivienne so much for the fear of flying course I attended yesterday. (November 19th)

Reflecting on the day, the most important thing I came away with was I now have the ability  (I almost typed ‘I hope!’) to trust the pilots in charge of the aeroplane. I have attended a commercial course before, and yes I trusted the pilot on the day, but I had to fly with other airlines, and other pilots on other occasions.

Being in a small group of only 4 people with a real life pilot! For 7 hours showing and explaining to us all about the flight, what happens in the cockpit, as well as answering our more obscure and ‘what if’ questions with endless patience was absolutely invaluable. Just having all of that would have been money well spent, but to have all the resources given to us at the end of the day foc was excellent. We went out to lunch with my sister today (who is a fearful flyer) and I have told her all about your course. I am determined to take my booked flight next Saturday with XXX, and also my package holiday in January. Flying with a very low cost airline might take some more work and visits however!! Thanks once again.SG

We discourage words like hope and wish.’s better to be realistic,  rather than ‘hoping’ there’s won’t be turbulence say “what will I do if there is turbulence? ” and develop a strategy for dealing with it. K.G.

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