In the Northern hemisphere the winter is leaving us but the memories of all that bad weather stay with us. For fearful flyers the winter seems to be more hazardous for aircraft. The difficulties we have driving our cars an snow or ice covered roads would seem to be quite simple compared to an aircraft […]


The lighter side of a fear of flying.

I heard this joke on the radio from an eccentric English comedian called Tommy Cooper. “If you stand in a library and scream, everyone stares silently at you. If you scream on an aeroplane everyone joins in.” Psychologically called pluralistic ignorance. If you don’t know what’s going on around then you’ll probably join in with […]


Wake Turbulence

Recently on the forum someone asked me “what is the cause of a sudden but very short lived bit of turbulence?” Here’s the answer…this picture shows what happens to the air behind a plane…not unlike a wave behind a ship at sea. You can see that the air swirls around immediately behind the wing. If […]


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