The Love of Flying

The fascination of aeroplanes is such that enthusiasts around the world will sit for hours watching planes come and go while listening in to the chatter between pilots and controllers on their radios.At Manchester there’s a pub …or used to be , where revellers and enthusiasts could be as close as 50 metres from the […]


In The News This Week

There is a very good picture in a British national newspaper today (12th May 2011) of an aircraft flying into Heathrow. It shows the plane being struck by lightning. The presenters on the BBC breakfast program stirred up possible fear by becoming very dramatic and speculating about the danger to the plane and passengers. If […]


Fear of flying…good preparation.

Hi this week, as usual, I had a few questions about the best way to overcome a fear of flying. I always suggest that preparation is the key. Like resting well, learning deep breathing techniques and that sort of thing. It’s true to say that it’s not the answer that people really want, because they […]


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