Hi this week, as usual, I had a few questions about the best way to overcome a fear of flying. I always suggest that preparation is the key. Like resting well, learning deep breathing techniques and that sort of thing. It’s true to say that it’s not the answer that people really want, because they see overcoming a fear of flying as actually getting on a plane. To them, that’s the only thing that counts. Everything else is incidental, after all how can sleeping well and eating light watery foods really help a fear of flying, surely, the argument goes, the real test is getting on that plane! But to me it’s important to do all the things that help you take that step; so that the stepping on the plane is a logical thing to do in the whole strategy, it isn’t an isolated thing.

Recently I was lucky enough to get into Wimbledon and to see the women’s champion playing.

Before she receives the service from the other player she crouches and does all the things that players do but during this ritual she taps her racket on the ground in front of her left foot.

This is her preparation and without the balance and preparation she gets from this routine she would be a different player. One strange little touch on the ground prepares her for a devastating performance. Take that away from her routine and she’d no doubt feel unprepared and be a different player.

I’m not suggesting that you develop a ritual, but we know that some things are good to do before an activity to prepare the mind and the body. And to deal with a fear of flying … it’s sleep, breathing, thought stopping strategies, knowledge, support and confidence that will make that ‘step’ much easier to take. The little things all add up.


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