Do you check the weather?

One of the most common themes that I see on fear of flying help sites is about the weather. So many people, understandably check the weather before they fly. But it’s not for sun bathing or skiing it’s about whether the pilot should be flying the route or if he or she should delay the […]


Fear Of Flying Conference

Recommendations of the Third World Conference On Fear Of Flying Whereas one or the other form of Fear of Flying affects up to 30 percent of the passengers on commercial airlines, Whereas severe manifestations of Fear of Flying and inappropriate reactions to it could negatively affect the orderly conduct of air traffic operations in the […]


Aviation technology

While I was waiting for my Pilot trainees to arrive today, I had time to read an article in the Flight International magazine. It was about a technology that was being developed to detect the turbulence generated by other aircraft. I never cease to be amazed at how technology makes aviation safer by the day […]


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