Welcome to the first blog of this new website. The fear of flying is such a wide topic and so many people are affected by it that lends itself to different types of help. At the top of the tree are the airline courses that cater for groups of a hundred people or more to […]


A great deal of background at work goes on which is invisible to passengers and indeed is invisible to the crew to ground control staff are responsible for the condition of the taxiways the runway is the baggage handling the allocation of aircraft to gates and the provision of all equipment required by the aeroplane […]


Display air crash

Here is a part of the blog I posted on this site’s blog. Flyingwithoutfear.com and its associated websites has always maintained the principle of factually correct and unambiguous information to help fearful flyers. We strive to use language and descriptions that are consistent with those values and also explains aspects of aviation in a way […]


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