Welcome to the first blog of this new blog. The fear of flying is such a wide topic and so many people are affected by it that lends itself to different types of help. At the top of the tree are the airline courses that cater for groups of a hundred people or more to […]


Winter operations

The less we know about a subject the more risky we tend to believe it is, the more we know the less risky we think it is. But when we are experts in a subject we then are able to assess the risks as they really are and, what’s more important we can see them […]



There’s hardly a fearful flyer who doesn’t mention Turbulence as being one of their fears. Asking whether or not there will be turbulence on a flight is like asking asking a ship’s Captain if there are going to be any waves. On some occasions you can fly for hours and the air will be as […]


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