Fear of Flying baggage tag design.

A little while ago we received a suggestion that perhaps we should produce ‘something’ that would identify people with a fear of flying to others who also have a fear, when they are travelling. In this way anyone noticing another fearful flyer would have someone to share their feelings with. Clearly only those wishing to […]


Fear of flying success story

February 2007″I’ve just posted on the forum, so thank you for helping me to do that. I really would love to post a postcard, but haven’t had any success. I’m therefore attaching one to this email, in the hope that you can perhaps do it for me. I’ll completely understand if you don’t have time!The […]


A very grateful customer

I last flew to Jamaica in 1997. I cried for days before. I was surprised they let me on the plane as I was in such a blind panic. I cried all the way there, and I cried all the way home. I spent the entire outward journey leaning forward and grabbing the headrest in […]


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