On my flight back from the Channel Islands this week I noticed that some ice was forming on the front of the wings. As a pilot I know that this is perfectly safe but I wondered how differently this would be seen by someone with a fear of flying. Even though the clouds are made […]


Press Cynicism

It can not be without coincidence that the Discovery or National Geographic channel on Sky has a half page advertisement in the paper while the front page carries a photograph of the air crash in Thailand. What is the advertisement for? The Air Disaster program being screened tonight. Fear of flying.If that’s not a cynical […]


Accident in Thailand.

On the flyingwithoutfear.com website we have always been critical of the press coverage of aircraft accidents and incidents. Today a major world wide news service was actually inviting viewers to send in their pictures of films of today’s accident. With what purpose can that serve anyone’s interest? What it does though, is to illustrate the […]


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