Another warning.

I have just been reading a website that claims to be able to cure your fear of flying, cure your smoking habit and do a number of other miraculous things for you. The information is presented in a way that seems credible. But to my senses as an experienced pilot is best described as utter […]



A fear of flying is often heightened at the airport if an aircraft is undergoing maintenance while it is parked in view of the passengers.During a routine steering and tyre inspection of my car recently, my anxiety levels hit the roof. A long conversation between two mechanics turned out to be a re arrangement of […]


Fear of flying. Turboprop aircraft

Sometimes a fear of flying can be aggravated by the type of plane that you fly in. Most common is a fear of flying in an aircraft that has propellers. The aircraft engine shown here is a combination of a jet engine…and a propeller. It has the reliability of a jet and the efficiency of […]


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