Fear of flying social network

Hi, Just to keep you up to date and to encourage you to join we have 94 members already…that’s in ther first four days. We’re not likely to exceed Face book or My space but for a specialist group we’re off to a great start.The network connects people who are anxious or have a fear […]


Fear of flying. Security breach.

A number of people have asked me about the item in the news where an Airline Pilot has been dismissed for allowing a football player on to the flight deck to help deal with his fear of flying. We live in a world where every rule is stretched to its limit, and then, when broken […]


Fear of Flying.

From the Fear of Flying Forum…“Just had the DvD, great and definatly worth buying, if you have a fear of flying. Quite funny really how the first question by the group was about the maintainance of aircraft..one of my main fears. I’m 90% there now (which means I’ll be going)..anything less than 75% and I […]


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