Wake Turbulence

Recently on the forum someone asked me “what is the cause of a sudden but very short lived bit of turbulence?” Here’s the answer…this picture shows what happens to the air behind a plane…not unlike a wave behind a ship at sea. You can see that the air swirls around immediately behind the wing. If […]


The Love of Flying

The fascination of aeroplanes is such that enthusiasts around the world will sit for hours watching planes come and go while listening in to the chatter between pilots and controllers on their radios.At Manchester there’s a pub …or used to be , where revellers and enthusiasts could be as close as 50 metres from the […]


A very grateful customer

I last flew to Jamaica in 1997. I cried for days before. I was surprised they let me on the plane as I was in such a blind panic. I cried all the way there, and I cried all the way home. I spent the entire outward journey leaning forward and grabbing the headrest in […]


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