I last flew to Jamaica in 1997. I cried for days before. I was surprised they let me on the plane as I was in such a blind panic. I cried all the way there, and I cried all the way home. I spent the entire outward journey leaning forward and grabbing the headrest in front of me, and ice packs on my neck. The cabin crew were fabulous but I was out of control and in fear for my life. After that flight I vowed never to fly again. And I stuck true to my word, missing out on some wonderful holidays.

Fast forward to June 2007 and a job opportunity came up … . That meant flying TWICE a week and eventually flying alone. Well, I almost didn’t take the job, and it was only that I was travelling with a trusted friend that I got on the plane. It is only half an hour flight time, and the first flight can’t have been any better. But my thoughts on touch down were that there was no way I could do this every week. I trawled the internet and came across this site and I ordered up the full lot of material. The flight home that week was full of thoughts of the package awaiting me at home. So, on the Saturday morning, my fiance and I settled down to watch the DVD. It answered lots of questions that I had, and Keith’s explanations weren’t flippant or pompous.

They were matter of fact. Then I read the book. Cover to cover. Twice. And I read parts of it most weeks if I’m feeling a little nervous. I listened to the CD’s. These were excellent. All those noises that you wonder about. And I keep the little book of calm with me in my luggage. I’m not cured, but I fly every week, and sometimes alone. I’ve done two flights in one day too! I don’t bound up the plane steps two at a time, but my life is no longer consumed with the fear of flying.

And the moment I’m most proud of so far? Just last Friday, I boarded my home flight and a young man boarded behind me. I heard him tell the crew he was nervous and as he sat down I called across the aisle that I used to be that nervous. He asked how I managed now, and I told him about this site. He asked if he could come sit with me, and of course I said yes! I took him through what I knew. I told him it would be noisier up front, but I was sitting here because I wanted to be first off the plane! I said it could well be a bit bumpier. I described all the noises that made him jump, I told him about the sensations of your body when you leave the climb and settle into the cruise, and how you feel as you come down toward the landing. Basically I all but narrated the book! At the end of the flight he thanked me very much and said I should train people in this sort of thing! And it’s all down to this site! <

Thank you Keith! “

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