Fear of flying. Success story

Here’s Harry and he made it! Harry has been working on his fear of flying for a while and this is him smiling and flying at the same time. So everyone at flyingwithoutfear.com sends their heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to another successful flyer. Keith and the team.


Fear of Flying Success story

Here’s Lisa in sunny Barcelona. Another person who with the help of our forum was able to deal with her fear of flying. Our heartiest congratulations to her. She deserves to be smiling. Keith.


Fear of flying success story

February 2007“I’ve just posted on the forum, so thank you for helping me to do that. I really would love to post a postcard, but haven’t had any success. I’m therefore attaching one to this email, in the hope that you can perhaps do it for me. I’ll completely understand if you don’t have time!The […]


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