Fear of Flying. Success story.

“Hello Keith — I am a friend of Pete and Fiona and have just returned from a long overdue visit to their home in France — it has taken me months to pluck up the courage to fly on my own — once commited to the flight, Fi sent me a copy of your book […]


Fear of Flying Success story.

“Dear Keith,I have never enjoyed flying, but had flown fourteen times prior to this last week. Many of those flights were taken within a three year period until the summer of 2002, when I made any excuse not to fly. This has included ‘being helpful’ by transporting the family’s skiing bags to the French Alps, […]


Fear of Flying. New Web site home page.

On our new home page we have three main panels to direct visitors to the source of help that they need. This panel will take visitors directly to our on line shop where they can buy our fear of flying products. Items can be bought via Pay Pal and prices are in GBPounds or Us […]


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