Simulator Fear of Flying Courses

We’re just in the final stages of negotiating the use of flight simulators for a fear of flying course.The plan will be to have courses for two people at a time and a more general course for a group of people where a longer ground course will be accompanied with a simulator flight.We’re certainly not […]


Fear of flying. Sights and Sounds Seminar

While we won’t be able to offer you the service and comfort shown in the picture but on our new Seminar we’re going to offer you one of the best experiences you can have if you have a fear of flying.One of the most effective therapies in overcoming a fear of flying is called graded […]


The fear of flying. The facts.

There seem to be more and more advertisement on the web for ‘life style’ and other quick ways to overcome the fear of flying. Most suggest a new way of looking at our lives. If we do that not only can we overcome our fear of flying we can stop smoking become the boss, get […]


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