You want to buy an Airbus?

Heres the latest price list A318 $74,300,000 A330-200 $106,200,000 A350-900 US$304,900,000 A380-800 US$428,000,000


Airport charges

I’ve just been casually looking through the charges levied at a typical British airport. I’ve been in the industry since 1961 but I didn’t realise what passengers pay for. Aircraft taking off, landing, being parked, being moved, vehicles using the airport,loading vehicles,security charges, check in desks (by the half hour) and more and more. How […]


The missing Boeing 777

There has been little in the way of aviation news recently that would be of interest to anyone with a fear of flying.

The missing boeing 777 has been covered on my twitter and Facebook pages.


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