The BBC have been profiling the subject of turbulence both on the air and on their website.

I get the feeling that there is a news item available that can connect nicely with the popular mis conceptions about turbulence. I don’t know the merits of the scientific argument but I’m quite hapy to accept the words of the scientists that there’s a possibility of climate change and all that goes with it. Whether or not it is going to make flights over the Atlantic more un comfortable under the heading of ‘turbulence’ as we know it is a matter that will only be known in time.

However it’s a great way of engaging an audience for an article, link it to fear, then link it to flying.

I have a distrust of any press information regarding flying because their primary interest is in getting and keeping their audience.

They have little regard for how their misleading reports can upset vulnerable people…especially those with a fear of flying.

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