Fear of Flying

If I were asked to say what I thought the average fearful flyer was most anxious, in addition to turbulence, taking off, noises, panic attacks, I’d say they feel that that being airborne is not natural, that it’s all it’s all balanced on a knife edge, always seconds from possible disaster. (A whole set of […]


Display air crash

Here is a part of the blog I posted on this site’s blog. Flyingwithoutfear.com and its associated websites has always maintained the principle of factually correct and unambiguous information to help fearful flyers. We strive to use language and descriptions that are consistent with those values and also explains aspects of aviation in a way […]


I had a wonderful vacation on Mexico!

Hello Captain Keith, I would like to thank you for your help!! I had a wonderful vacation on Mexico! The flights were fine and believe it or not, i kind of enjoy it!!!! I’ve made a short film of the landing and im posting it here. You frase  (sic)  was always in my thoughts “Turbulence […]


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