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Hi, this is where you sign up for Economy membership. Have a look at the information below to see if what you get in economy. I’m here to help you to overcome your fear of flying and I promise to get you flying. Whether it’s a dream holiday a family holiday, a business trip or the trip of a lifetime, I will be with you every step of the way. You’ll find lots of information and help here to start you off on your travels with less fear than you’ve ever had. Congratulate yourself, this is a great first step, or maybe … 

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 Economy level Membership takes you a whole lot further than our free help. If you join and discover you want to know more about things like, turbulence you can easily upgrade to get longer audios and more videos and your current membership fee will be credited to your upgrade.

Audio Help

I know how important the subject of turbulence is to people so we start with a four minute audio clip about turbulence. We’ve included some ambience tracks too so that you can be at the airport or on a plane while you’re sitting in your arm chair or commuting to work. We promise to get you flying.


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Blind flying:

Pilot training.

Captain Keith's Favourites

I love the photo Gallery because you just hover over a picture and you get a description of what’s going on and how it helps you as a fearful flyer. Easily digested and nice pictures too! Of course I enjoyed writing about the Mystery of flying as I’ve called it  because there is no mystery to it really  … (but many fearful flyers think there is). Before you sign up have a look at the other membership levels first because they might be more useful to you, they include many more audio clips, Free Books and lots of Video Help. Premium Membership has over 60 Videos to help and inform you.

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