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We all like to travel first class, but the upgrade cost usually dissuades us. But you can upgrade from economy here without breaking the bank. There are 35 more subjects here, things like turbulence are discussed in greater detail and I’m sure our 17 min Audio will really help to explain that “although turbulence may be uncomfortable … that’s not the same as dangerous.”  And don’t forget Captain Keith is always available for support and guidance. If you’ve got a question it may well be one of the 230 Questions Captain Keith answers here.

Benefits of membership

We’re here to get you flying that’s our promise and the 32 articles here ( plus the 17 you’ll get from automatic Economy Membership) will certainly help you to succeed. If you want practical hints tips (100 of them) and advice on how to overcome your fear of flying First Class membership will help you. If you decide you need more help you can easily upgrade to Premium. Join Now  

Audio Help

Most people will be interested in our 16 minute audio on Turbulence. We have also include our 3 hour Fear of Flying Course.

Video Help

The videos will help you to relax and explain some of those things that you’ve always been worried about. Join Now

Captain Keith's Favourites

You’ll be able to download my books that you’d normally have to buy from Amazon! I’ve decided to upgrade to Premium Membership 

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