Premium is special. There is nothing else like on the internet. It’s the biggest help and information resource for fearful flyers available anywhere in the world. Not only do you enjoy  the benefits of  all membership levels but now you have even more to discover and to help you with your fear of flying.  If you would like to discuss membership or anything at all about overcoming your fear, please call Captain Keith on 07539 172 646. This membership is hosted on another site because of the extent and amount of information and help available. Some of the benefits are best accessed thru’ larger screens but  most of the site is smart device friendly.  The bits you’ll want in flight are mobile useable. With hundreds of pages of help you’ll want to keep track of the things that are of special interest so there’s a Personal Library where you can store ‘your’ pages. Then when you need them you just have to go to your Library and everything you need will be there.


This is where you’ll find everything you need to go flying with less fear! To help you to collect and keep the stuff that works for you we’ve added a ‘Personal Library’. As soon as you find something that helps you … just pop it into your library so that when you want it again you don’t have to search for it, all you do is go to your library, click on it and you go straight to the help you’ve selected. Bearing in mind there are hundreds of pages of support help and guidance you can always be sure of finding your favourite pages whether it’s a Video you like, an Audio that helps you or something that explains turbulence in more detail!   


There are two complete Fear of Flying Audio Courses (7hrs total running time). There is a page by page explanation of the 68 page workshop Booklet. There are Audio clips of planes Taking off, Landing and in flight … all to help you familiarise your self with being airborne.


Premium membership will give you access to over 60 videos covering everything you need to build your confidence to go flying. In the Knowledge section of the course you’ll find videos for each of 23 common fears including Turbulence, Taking off, Flying at night and over the sea, Flying in the winter and more.

Captain Keith's favourites

This is is my fear of Flying course in digital form. Everything we do on the course is on this site. The site took  four years to develop and deploy and gives you the very best in knowledge support and confidence You can check the best place to sit … and practise booking a ticket.  You can find a Flight Buddy to team up with. You can post the date of your flight and get regular emails during the run up to your flight. You can message Captain Keith and get personal replies to your worries. There are 400 questions and answers. You can see how many ‘articles’ you’ve found useful and you can mark your progress as you discover more. You can take a  survey to help you understand the extent of your fear. There are strategies for the time before you fly, when you’re at the airport, when you’re boarding, in flight and a strategy for when you’re home again.  

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