Back home after 2 weeks of turquoise sea, blue skies, seeing turtles and ancient Roman and Lycian ruins and walking on Lycian Way. Flight out B757 200 cloudy-everything JUST ROUTINE. I am 5ft 4 and I found the seat pitch very cramped compared to other airlines I have flown with in economy.

Homeward 757 200 again but were allocated seat on the very front row to my delight more leg room- take off 11.05 p.m again everything normal regarding all the sounds, sensations connected with the actual flight could watch the cabin crew going about their busy job, etc very reassuring to see how NORMAL everything is to them. Female captain made a superb landing and was impressed in how she kept updating us with where we were flying over- had fantastic view over the Bosphorus of Istanbul with lights twinkling from 36,000ft.

To all of you who worry yourselves about the safety aspects of flying road travel is FAR MORE dangerous-our bus travelled on the most hair pin bend mountain roads with huge drops at the sides and no crash barriers.On the coastal road an overtaking lorry clipped our bus damaging our front mirror and never stopped but thankfully that was all the damage and no one was hurt.

Thank you Keith for all your information to help normalise flying and to enable me to explore the world.

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